Everything is and is not, for everything is fluid

Queer. Vegan. Gluten Free. Poly.

My friends and lover are super awesome! #queer  #hospitalstay #miley

Fuck yeah.


Fuck yeah.

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I don’t usually do this…

I didn’t anticipate so many surgeries in so little time, let alone having to be out of work for about a month, so here goes nothing. I know everyone is struggling right now, but any little bit helps.

At least I get to watch cable!! #surgery #queer #waitinggame #ihateneedles
No metal, pre #surgery ! #awkward #nopiercings
No matter what’s going on, I can listen to this #babe and remember so many good times! @ryeryebitch  #ryerye #memories
Ashley from Stila always brings foods I can’t eat, so today she brought me a banana!